Nov 1, 2020

Dating App

"Hey Girl, how is it. Have you checked your Tinder?"
That's my friend Tina asking, she's so keen to let me explore the dating site and check if I can find someone interesting.  We're still under lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic, everyone is working from home and to ease the boredom, she suggested to go dating sites.
She met her husband Tony through Tinder Dating App.

As I explore Tinder, one particular profile captured my attention.
"WYD" unique name, his picture is cute.
It's my first time in the App and out of curiosity, I swiped Right.

Less than an hour, I received a notification. 
I and Wyd were Matched!
It started with a simple Hi and Hello.
A typical getting to know you and exchange of questions.
I found a new way to entertain myself by chatting with  Wyd.

I asked him if it's possible we move to another platform, WhatsApp.
To be honest, I don't trust any Dating App, I read a lot of feedback that most of the people inside Dating Apps were fake account and some of them just wanted to scam people, but since i'm bored, I give it a try.
Nothing can be scammed from me anyway.

If last time I hate to hear my phone alerts, now I kept looking and checking if there's a new message.
It's like finding a new hobby in the midst of the pandemic.
I don't know what is it with him that made me forget my boundaries.
And keep waiting or his messages.

I just hope that everything goes well with this Wyd.

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