Apr 21, 2023

New Life New Journey

I recently moved to the USA from Singapore to marry my American boyfriend, Pat. It's been a few weeks since I've been here, and I must admit, it's been a challenging transition. 

Before moving to the USA, I had a stable and fulfilling career as an Engineer in Singapore. I loved my job, my colleagues, and the bustling city life. But when Pat proposed, I knew I had to make some tough decisions. I was excited about starting a new life with Pat, so I pushed through it all.

The process of moving to the USA was long and tedious. I had to give up my job and say goodbye to my family and friends. The paperwork was endless, and the visa application process was a nightmare. I have to wait for at least 7 to 18 months before I can get my papers done. And I am just on my 22nd day! 

Now that I'm here in the USA, I feel a bit lost. I can't work until I receive my green card approval, so I spend most of my days at home, waiting. The days are long and boring, and I miss the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

I've tried to keep busy by exploring the area, but it's not the same as having a job and a purpose. I feel like I'm in limbo, just waiting for my life to begin again. I miss my old life and my old routine.

It's also been tough adjusting to the cultural differences. The pace of life here is slower, and the people are different. I feel like an outsider sometimes, and it's hard to make friends when I don't have a job or a routine.

I try to stay positive and remind myself that this is just a temporary situation. Once my green card is approved, I can start looking for a job and begin to build a new life here. But for now, I'm just trying to stay busy and stay hopeful that things will get better. 

Praying to keep my sanity.



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